November 27, 2012


Really ready?
for those unrealistic vows
for gold bands and a bond
for a lifetime of “us”
How can I know?
How to be sure?
about paying the bills
about sticktoitiveness
about death do us part
What about this?
What about that?
in sickness or health
for poorer or richer
in ebb as much as in flow
Is she for me?
Is he the “one”?
dirty clothes all in piles
Disney movies, again
Will the old spark abide?
Will the heat stick around?
that first fine fire
that once-kindled want
those original longing looks
Am I ready?
Really ready?
Wrong question
You’ll only discover “ready” in time
Better to ask now: Am I willing to grow?

One is never ready!
for growing up
for being stretched
for learning the height, depth, breadth

of faith, hope, and love
the Jesus kind

What makes one ready for marriage?

Marriage does it
Only marriage makes you ready
for marriage