April 14, 2006

Crucixion at Barton Creek Mall

Here is a poignant image for Good Friday: James B. Janknegt's Crucifixion at Barton Creek Mall, 1985. I like the image of the Beloved of God being put to death in the midst of our daily grind, our commercial enterprises, our consumptions. I also like the sense that there is a kind of traffic jam as a result. Divine gridlock, perhaps. This tracks with Paul's sense of the scandelon in 1 Corinthians, the stumbling block of the crucifixion that is one half of the binary core we preach. Furthermore, I appreciate how some important symbols have been transformed by Janknegt, such as the high-pressure light of the pole now becoming an illuminating burst from heaven. I also appreciate the way contemporary neon signs--each with their own meaning--now illuminate what is happening on this pole. Terrific.